Capital Market Sector Establishes “Good Governance Thailand” Mutual Fund

For the first time, Thailand’s capital market led by the Federation of Thai Capital Market Organization (FETCO) and 14 asset management companies has joined with the following social organizations—Khon Thai Foundation, Thailand Development Research Institute, and the Change Venture Co. Ltd.— to announce their intention of establishing the Good Governance Thailand Mutual Fund.  The goal of this fund is to invest in companies demonstrating good corporate governance (CG) by collecting their securities in the same basket of stocks for convenient investing.  This CG-focused universe of securities should further serve to be an incentive for companies to jointly develop good corporate governance while some of the proceeds from the mutual fund will be used to fund anti-corruption efforts.  This is a social investment innovation that is likely to be the world’s first Good Corporate Governance mutual fund which is backed by a number of different social sectors.