Data and Statistics



The objective of FETCO Investor Confidence Survey is to develop and promote statistics related to the Thai capital market as a leading indicator to analyze the directional trends of the stock market for the next three months in order to allow investors and other interested parties to be able to use such information as a guide reflecting overall economic conditions which consisted of


  • FETCO had launched ‘FETCO Investor Confidence Index’ in order to help forecast investors’ sentiments in the capital market for the period of three months each time. It is significant that this index will be the first monthly leading investor sentiment indicator in Thailand that covers all three main groups of investors covering local institutes, local individual (retail) and foreign investors. more….
  • ThaiBMA had launched ‘Interest Rate Expectation Index’ which forecasts various range of interest rate; Policy rate (RP), 5-year government bond yield and 10-Year government bond yield based on monetary policy committee (MPC) decision had been made. This survey typically observes local institutional views including fund managers and bond dealers in particular.   more…. 
  • IAA have just launched ‘IAA’s Short-term SET Index Survey’ which forecasts SET Index in 1 month and the end of year . This survey typically observes Investment Analysis  views including fund managers.   more….